INTEF166 Open eTwinning (1st edition). Presenting Tools

Here we are , starting a MOOC about eTwinning. Resuming my blog is one of the positive features of starting this course .

Some  presentation tools are offered to the participants to introduce ourselves . Choose your favorite ! Personally I used one on , already on this blog .

I´m excited about what I can learn and sure my PLN can get bigger !

The Human Touch Series

That is one the main points we can make use of global net . SHARING. Thanks Vicky for spreading the word.

Vicky Loras's Blog

A screenshot from our kickoff event at the iTDi Summer School MOOC with Jason Levine and Chuck Sandy (by Leo JC) A screenshot from our kickoff event at the iTDi Summer School MOOC with Jason Levine and Chuck Sandy (by Leo JC)

A year ago, I was asked by the amazing Chuck Sandy to write a blog post for iTDi under the title The Ideal Classroom. I thought about it and a few minutes later, I had a clear picture of an ideal classroom.I thought of all the environments I have worked in: some were picture-perfect, others much less so – no lighting, having lessons in our coats and gloves. But which is the best kind? The ideal one?

Some of them are hi-tech or bare floor. Some are in beautiful modern buildings, some do not even have windows or roofs. Others have tablets and computers for the students;  in other schools kids sit on the ground with little chalkboards, or even draw in the dirt.

Which is the best…

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12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know

Interesting and straight to the point , really useful tips when raising bilingual children . By a practicioner herself , Rita Rosenback

multilingual families raising bilingual children

12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know1 – It doesn’t happen by magic

Children do not become bilingual “by magic”. There is a persistent myth claiming that “children are like sponges when it comes to language” and that they will learn all languages they hear regularly – this is simply not true. Yes, in the right circumstances children will naturally grow up to acquire the family languages, but this cannot be taken for granted.

2 – You need a plan

To be in with the best chance of succeeding in bringing up bilingual children, you need to plan ahead. How fluent do you want your children to be? What about reading and writing? Who speaks what and when? Discuss this in the family and agree on the goals.

3 – Consistency is crucial

Once you have your plan, you need to commit to it as a family and stay consistent in your language use. Yes…

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Language and Management in the CLIL Classroom

Last week we shared a session in our School´s in-service teachers Seminar , dealing with varied aspects that arise whenever you are trying to “inmerse” your students into a teaching atmosphere with  L2 ( English in our case) not as the aim to learn , but as the vehicle to teach.

Taking into account that the general surrounding language  is 100%  L1 ( Spanish) , these teachers are really heroes.
This is the Prezi we used to illustrate the topic

The FUN-FUN Approach

I had a new experience as a teacher some weeks ago : I was entitled to teach an intensive course for preteens during the first two weeks of July , five hours a day . It was my first intensive teaching experience with so young a  group of students

When I accepted, I was not at all aware of the challenge it was going to mean. I had not realised how exhausted I was going to be after ending the school year . I was used to stop after that, to break all kind of bonds with teaching for a period and refresh mind- and body – doing totally different activities .

On the other hand, preparing a totally different type of course was appealing , I had to “entertain” a group of twelve year olds, it was not only English . I had in mind they had just finished school too , so English was going to be a means for relax and fun.

That was what I liked most. The periods had to deal with all kind of English skills but the approach did not have to be attached to any kind of assessment or final evaluation. I felt free to do whatever I thought best. So I decided to use “THE FUN-FUN APPROACH”. Free from academic objectives, the periods were all based in very practical activities, involving music, films, digital tools -of course- and playground activities, being these ones the most challenging , as I am not used to running along a football pitch shouting names of animals to catch my enemy , for instance.
Anyway, apart from being phisically tiring, the experience can be labelled as challenging…and rewarding. Through the students feedback from the course I have the sensation they have learnt and from their faces I can read they have had fun as well , which was on the very top of the objectives of this English Summer Camp.


The Sunshine Award or How To Be Pleasantly Surprised

Yesterday, in the middle of year end when papers to mark  and nervous students pile up around you , something totally unexpected happened :   -This still- to- be blog of mine, recently imported from Posterous Spaces , was awarded The Sunshine Award!!    And it is double happiness receiving it from Eugenia Loras’  blog 

Thank you Eugenia. Really.

This award is given to people who shares positive and inspiring articles and brings “sunshine” to the life of others ( Now you understand how flattered I feel ? )

The Sunshine blogging award has its own rules and requirements:

– Link back the blog who nominated you.

– Post the award images in your blog.

– Tell seven facts about yourself.

– Nominate 5 to 10 blogs and let them know about it.

Feeling like on stage at Kodak Theatre,  , I dedicate this award to my family , friends and PLN who always keep me learning in life

Following this award requirements, I tell you 7 facts about me

1 I have a family formed by a husband and two girls, 10 and 13, who I adore

2 I want my children to be healthy, happy …and bilingual

3 My job is teaching English ,mainly to  teenagers  – and it has been for many years now -and I also train other teachers when I am requested to.

3 I LOVE teaching. I feel the opposite when marking papers

4 I love the sun and  the beaches of Cádiz in South Spain, this is where I find my personal paradise sharing good wine ,good food and better company

5 I have around 50 favourite books, being one of them ” Memoirs of Hadrian” by Marguerite Yourcenar and another one “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez

6 I always cry when I see ” out of Africa”

7  I wish I could travel to all the places I dream of, and take my family with me

Well , it is time to proudly nominate the following blogs for the Sunshine Award :

1 Ana Cristina Pratas deserves this award as she always encourages and inspires all her PLN with her exaustive work and sparkling touch .

2 Adam Simpson deserves this award because he makes the perfect mix of wit and expertise in his blog, and because he lives in Turkey and the mix of cultures gives his posts something unique

3 Kieran Donaghy deserves this award because he provides a truly positive view through his leesson plans with films

4 Sandy Millin deserves this award because she is a rocking star in the EFL world, sharing all her thoughts and reflections about the conferences I can´t attend personally

5 M. Jesus García deserves this award for creating this collaborative blog with her students ,where you can  feel the good vibrations between teacher and students

6 Vijay Krishnan deserves this award because nobody like him spreads good feelings all around the web (even dealing with Maths ! 😉 )

7 The Team of INED21 deserves this Award for their proposals and reflections about education always looking for the enhancing of the process of learning and teaching

8  Eugenia and Vicky as a tandem deserve this award . They are the living proof that family and work can make a beautiful couple!

sunshine award pic

So this is it. I ´ll go on making papers , but , this time, with a smile on my face.