I had an interesting  conversation with my colleague Bill Moody – @moodybill – about our 12 year old daughters on Twitter last weekend.  The topic was ” HELP ! She is just a pre teen and crazy about this guy from ONE DIRECTION ! What are we supposed to do? ” Apart from the ancestral terror watching their little baby get older  can produce to any parent , I suddenly realised that I was taking advantage of the situation: Sara , my kid, spends part of her spare time singing her worshipped  icon’s songs, i.e. PRACTISING ENGLISH -something I don´t really  get her to do whenever I want , by the way. In fact, she has been improving her connected language skills dramatically over the last few months. What is more, she is opening her ears to other types of music , starting to appreciate suggestions from older people ( us ).
        On the other hand, Bill’s girl does not need extra English pronunciation classes as she is an English speaking native , but  do have a look at what she “created” on Sunday morning with her own hands

She´ll make a brilliant chef!

and Bill, you seemed really proud of her to me…
           So the point is, are we behaving as  good parents allowing them  to express their “passion” for a specimen of the opposite gender at such an early age? Or can this kind of awakening of their feelings enhance their way of learning in a real, productive and positive way ?

           Should we be grateful to 1D ? What do you think?

What Sara sees last before going to sleep


2 thoughts on “SHOULD WE BE GRATEFUL TO 1D?

  1. nitnoy

    Music and lyrics always seems such a great way to learn another language. I'm less concerned about Ellie's 'pash' for Louis, and more excited that she's getting into music. Previous generations went for Take That or The Osmonds or The Beatles and the actual practise at romance doesn't seem to cause too many problems! If your children get into music and learn another language then definitely encourage it!

  2. Carmen Arias Blazquez

    Exactly, Bill ,that is it!! I think that is the point. Music + English make the perfect combination . You see, now Sara is actually starting to try and listen to different bands and styles. So is Raquel the little one, (always following the eldest, you know…)Thanks for your kind words dear Bill!


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