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London 2014

Wordle from my students’s writings after coming back from our trip to London.An experience we will never forget.

Wordle: London 2014


Language and Management in the CLIL Classroom

Last week we shared a session in our School´s in-service teachers Seminar , dealing with varied aspects that arise whenever you are trying to “inmerse” your students into a teaching atmosphere with  L2 ( English in our case) not as the aim to learn , but as the vehicle to teach.

Taking into account that the general surrounding language  is 100%  L1 ( Spanish) , these teachers are really heroes.
This is the Prezi we used to illustrate the topic

The FUN-FUN Approach

I had a new experience as a teacher some weeks ago : I was entitled to teach an intensive course for preteens during the first two weeks of July , five hours a day . It was my first intensive teaching experience with so young a  group of students

When I accepted, I was not at all aware of the challenge it was going to mean. I had not realised how exhausted I was going to be after ending the school year . I was used to stop after that, to break all kind of bonds with teaching for a period and refresh mind- and body – doing totally different activities .

On the other hand, preparing a totally different type of course was appealing , I had to “entertain” a group of twelve year olds, it was not only English . I had in mind they had just finished school too , so English was going to be a means for relax and fun.

That was what I liked most. The periods had to deal with all kind of English skills but the approach did not have to be attached to any kind of assessment or final evaluation. I felt free to do whatever I thought best. So I decided to use “THE FUN-FUN APPROACH”. Free from academic objectives, the periods were all based in very practical activities, involving music, films, digital tools -of course- and playground activities, being these ones the most challenging , as I am not used to running along a football pitch shouting names of animals to catch my enemy , for instance.
Anyway, apart from being phisically tiring, the experience can be labelled as challenging…and rewarding. Through the students feedback from the course I have the sensation they have learnt and from their faces I can read they have had fun as well , which was on the very top of the objectives of this English Summer Camp.



I had an interesting conversation with my colleague Bill Moody – @moodybill – about our 12 year old daughters on Twitter last weekend. The topic was ” HELP ! She is just a pre teen and crazy about this guy from ONE DIRECTION ! What are we supposed to do? ” Apart from the ancestral terror watching their little baby get older can produce to any parent , I suddenly realised that I was taking advantage of the situation: Sara , my kid, spends part of her spare time singing her worshipped icon’s songs, i.e. PRACTISING ENGLISH -something I don´t really get her to do whenever I want , by the way. In fact, she has been improving her connected language skills dramatically over the last few months. What is more, she is opening her ears to other types of music , starting to appreciate suggestions from older people ( us ).

On the other hand, Bill’s girl does not need extra English pronunciation classes as she is an English speaking native , but do have a look at what she “created” on Sunday morning with her own hands

She´ll make a brilliant chef!

and Bill, you seemed really proud of her to me…
So the point is, are we behaving as good parents allowing them to express their “passion” for a specimen of the opposite gender at such an early age? Or can this kind of awakening of their feelings enhance their way of learning in a real, productive and positive way ?

Should we be grateful to 1D ? What do you think?

What Sara sees last before going to sleep