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The FUN-FUN Approach

I had a new experience as a teacher some weeks ago : I was entitled to teach an intensive course for preteens during the first two weeks of July , five hours a day . It was my first intensive teaching experience with so young a  group of students

When I accepted, I was not at all aware of the challenge it was going to mean. I had not realised how exhausted I was going to be after ending the school year . I was used to stop after that, to break all kind of bonds with teaching for a period and refresh mind- and body – doing totally different activities .

On the other hand, preparing a totally different type of course was appealing , I had to “entertain” a group of twelve year olds, it was not only English . I had in mind they had just finished school too , so English was going to be a means for relax and fun.

That was what I liked most. The periods had to deal with all kind of English skills but the approach did not have to be attached to any kind of assessment or final evaluation. I felt free to do whatever I thought¬†best. So I decided to use “THE FUN-FUN APPROACH”. Free from academic objectives, the periods were all based in very practical activities, involving music, films, digital tools -of course- and playground activities, being these ones the most challenging , as I am not used to running along a football pitch shouting names of animals to catch my enemy , for instance.
Anyway, apart from being phisically tiring, the experience can be labelled as challenging…and rewarding. Through the students feedback from the course I have the sensation they have learnt and from their faces I can read they have had fun as well , which was on the very top of the objectives of this English Summer Camp.